Monday, November 17, 2008

GIS Analyst: Commercial wind and solar energy generation

Job Description

GIS Analyst

Scope of Position
Support development team of commercial wind and solar energy generation facilities by creating static and Interactive maps for site analysis, presentation, publication for wind and solar generation layouts.

Reports To: Regional Director
Location: Escondido, CA or San Ramon, CA
Division/Department: Development

Working Conditions
85% of the time is spent in the office environment, utilizing computers (frequent use of ArcGIS 9.x, Global Mapper, Microsoft Office (primarily Excel and Access)), telephones and general office equipment. 10%-15% of the time is spent in the field, working to collect GPS or analytical data.

  • Create high-quality static and interactive maps for site analysis, presentation, publication, wind & solar generation layouts.
  • Assess and validate model results from resource assessment team with respect to development constraints.
  • Provide spatial planning support, conduct analytical studies, and validate development constraints, permits, and conditions.
  • Use variety of multiple resources and data layers to develop maps and databases of property information for site developers, including project boundaries and ownership, wind data, transmission lines, etc.
  • Coordinate with corporate GIS staff to maintain standard management of GIS data
  • Support staff and consultants in analyzing sites for environmental & development permitting.
  • Coordinate use of outside consultants for additional GIS, surveying, modeling, analytical, environmental and development activities.
  • Assist in designing wind turbine layouts.
  • Occasional field work to validate proposed development via GPS.
  • Assist with in-house graphic design work for small publications.
  • All other job related duties as assigned by the manager or his/her designee.
  • 2-3 years experience in using GIS software for analytical decision support and communicative cartography including:
    • Data collection
    • Site suitability analysis
    • Vector data geoprocessing
    • Raster spatial analysis
    • Final, high-quality production cartography
  • Extensive knowledge of ESRI software including
    • ArcGIS 9.x
      • Spatial Analyst
      • 3D Analyst
    • Global Mapper
  • Experience using GPS technology to collect or validate field data.
    • Trimble data collectors preferred
    • Post-processing experience desirable
  • Working knowledge of the following is desirable:
    • AutoCAD (Map3D, LDD, or Civil3D preferred)
    • Scripting or programming for repetitive task automation (ArcObjects, VBA, VB, C++, C#, Python, AML)
  • BA/BS in GIS Geography, Envronmental studies or similar
  • Cursory knowledge of solar site assessment or software is favorable (PVSol, PVSys, etc).
  • Cursory knowledge of wind modeling or turbine siting and software is favorable (WAsP, Meteodyne, WindSim, Wind Farmer, Open Wind, etc).
  • BA/BS in GIS Geography, Environmental studies or similar.
  • Willing and able to learn new technical skills involving industry-specific software and or/techniques.
  • Familiarity with environmental issues, assessments, permitting, wind and solar energy, and electrical utility desirable.
  • Priority management, multi-tasking, flexibility, attention to detail, and creativity are required.
  • Applicant must be intuitive, accurate, hard working and professional.
  • Able to work with diverse group of individuals (county assessor/regional GIS agents, surveyors, land use agents, project developers).
  • Strong and clear interpersonal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to work both independently and as member of a team.
  • Always willing and wanting to "take the extra step" to achieve quality work and bring value to the team and company.

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