Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Geography Positions for the US Census Bureau

The Los Angeles Regional Census Center of the US Census Bureau currently has 3 job announcements posted. These are supervisory, technical and clerical positions that we will be filling to build our Geography staff for the 2010 Census. Depending on
the announcement, the educational and experience qualifications vary. The positions are located in Northridge, CA.

Geographic Specialist (multiple positions)
Geographic Clerk (multiple positions)
Secretary (1 position)
(A Geographic Lead Clerk announcement will open in the next few weeks, please check the website below on an ongoing basis.)

A complete job description and the application procedures can be found at the following website:

Please refer to the 3 steps for a successful application located at the top of the page for guidelines on how to complete you application in order to be considered the position to which you are applying.

Salary : $40,752 - $72,286
DUTIES: The incumbent performs geographic support activities for decennial censuses and surveys. Geographic activities include: improvement of the Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing system, (TIGER); update of the Master Address File (MAF) for designated areas; maps for use in geographically structuring census operations; and geographic correction activities. In addition, the incumbent provides guidance, advice, and assistance to departmental geographers, statisticians, and headquarters personnel. The incumbent will be required to establish and maintain long-term partnerships with state, tribal, and local governments regarding the exchange of paper maps and geo-spatial data including GIS data and address files. Incumbent will communicate the designs, requirements, and timelines of census programs to federal, state, tribal, and local officials by making telephone calls, attending meetings, and traveling to regional conferences. Participates in training regional office staff to improve use and availability of TIGER. Participates in the hiring
and training interviewer staff to create additional address lists as needed. Incumbent will perform a variety of GIS analysis on data received from local governments to determine suitability for use in the Master Address File and the TIGER modernization program.

Salary: TBA
DUTIES: Leads 8 to 10 lower grade employees who do digitizing, map production and
update census maps. Assists employees by answering questions and resolving
problems. Assists in the orientation of new employees by explaining work in general and providing on-the-job training. Edits previously digitized data for completeness and accuracy according to established standards and identifies and works to correct specific
deficiencies based on the editing. Edits may be performed using graphic plots or specialized interactive data edit systems at various scales.

Salary: $29,405
DUTIES: The incumbent performs clerical support duties associated with the geography program. Works on Census 2010 geographic programs. Receives, sorts, opens, controls and routes incoming mail. Maintains correspondence files. Receives telephone and personal callers and directs them to appropriate office employees based on knowledge of employees’ areas of responsibility. Maintains a variety of logs. Maintains stockroom supply levels. Operates various office machines. Performs other clerical duties as required.

Salary: $32,898
DUTIES: The incumbent of this position serves as a geographic secretary in the Regional Census Center (RCC). The secretary is responsible for receiving telephone calls and visitors, and referring callers to appropriate offices. The secretary may maintain an appointment calendar, advising individuals when appointments must be rescheduled, and arranging mutually convenient times. The incumbent also makes arrangements for meetings, travel arrangements for supervisor and staff, and prepares related travel vouchers and reports. The secretary receives and controls mail, routing items to appropriate offices. The secretary may assemble background information for supervisors, and notify supervisors of any pending delays related to the RCC. The incumbent reviews outgoing correspondence for conformance with instructions, grammar, and typographical accuracy. The secretary may also provide advice to secretaries in subordinate units concerning matters such as time and attendance, etc...

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